When you are faced with unexpected and abrupt electrical problems, it is vital to get professional help immediately. Without prompt assistance, electrical emergencies can result in physical harm and property damage. As such, the services of emergency electrical repair in Fort Worth cannot be overemphasized.

Electrical issues are responsible for about one-third of all the structural fires. Electrical fire hazards can put your loved ones, property, and future at risk. If you have an electrical emergency, It’s critical not to waste any time, and that is where we come in. At Scott Electric, you can depend on our dedicated, extensively experienced, and highly qualified electricians to offer fast, durable, and safe electrical emergency electrical repair in Fort Worth as soon as you get in touch with us.

What to Do If You Have an Electrical Emergency

Electrical hazards can occur at any time. When handling electrical emergencies, it is imperative to remain as calm as possible. Electric shocks can be fatal, not to mention the fire hazard that electrical issues present. Therefore, knowing what to do is important. If you need the best Fort Worth TX electrical services, we are your go-to electricians. Here is a step by step guide on how to handle electrical emergencies.

In Emergency Situations

If there are casualties because of an electrical malfunction, you must take immediate action. Do not attempt a DIY approach to fix the issue. Instead, contact our professional team for the finest electrical repair services.

  1. Call an Ambulance

The person shocked by electricity may be unconscious or with a weak pulse. Call an ambulance immediately, and do not forget to mention the cause of the accident.

  1. Don’t Touch the Casualty

The person may have burns on their body from electric shock. Do not touch them, or you may suffer one too. Rather, separate the person from the electricity source by turning off the supply. If this is not possible, you can attempt to remove the source of electricity from the individual using an insulating material. Wait for the ambulance to arrive and keep track of their breathing.

  1. Call the Local Electricity Company

If fallen power lines caused the accident, do not touch the cables. Call your local electricity company to handle the malfunction. For faulty interior wiring, we will quickly come and fix the issues. And to avert avoidable accidents in the future, we recommend our electrical maintenance services in Dallas Fort Worth.

In Appliance Electrical Shock Situations

In such instances, a person may have had an electric shock from a toaster or a hairdryer. You must be very careful when handling these cases.

  1. Do not touch the person as you could get hurt too.
  2. Unplug the appliance and switch off the main power switchboard in the building.
  3. Call an Ambulance

The first responders know how to handle these cases. Before they arrive, keep the injured person still and lying down.

Electrical Fires

Storing flammable objects like aerosol tubes near light bulbs or exposed wiring can cause a fire. Here is what you should do:

  1. Do not use water to put out the fire. Water is a good conductor of electricity and can fuel the fire.
  2. Call the firefighters immediately. If someone has been injured, call an ambulance too. Do not forget to mention the cause of the fire and accident to both responders.
  3. Use an electrical fire extinguisher if available and if you are trained to use one. Otherwise, evacuate from the site immediately.
  4. Call our electrician in Fort Worth, TX, to inspect the cause of the electrical fire and fix it.

Fast, Reliable Emergency Electricians at Your Service

If you find yourself needing emergency electrical repair services in Fort Worth, it is crucial to call licensed experts to get the job done. At Scott Electric, we are exactly that. Our Fort Worth TX electrician will respond promptly and help you to effectively neutralize the danger. Contact Scott Electric for a free inspection or quotation on +1 817-490-9207.

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