1. When should I call an industrial technician?

Call Dallas Fort Worth industrial electrical contractors immediately you notice a fault in your electrical systems. Solving minor electrical issues prevents other parts of the system from being affected. It also drives down the cost of industrial electrical repairs.

Call us when you notice the following:

  • Lights flickering or going on and off
  • The smell of burning wires
  • Industrial cooling unit not working
  • An electrical outlet overload
  • If you need to change components. For example, switching from two-pin to three-pin plugs
  1. Should I install safety lighting?

Safety lights provide extra lighting around your premise. It increases visibility, especially at night, and prevents accidents. In addition, installing safety lights reduces burglary and vandalism in your premises. Modern safety lights can be programmed to switch on and off at specific times.

  1. Are you on call for emergency electrical issues?

The needs of our clients are our priority. Our skilled and experienced electrical contractors in Fort Worth will immediately respond to emergencies regardless of the time of the day or night. Once we arrive at your location, we will provide a quick assessment of the problem’s source and magnitude. Our technicians will then estimate the time and cost it takes to fix the emergency. We also provide industrial electrical installations and repairs.

  1. How do I protect electric outlets from being tampered?

We will install tamper-resistant receptacles outlets. They have a barrier that prevents anyone from sticking sharp metal objects into the outlet. This tamper-proof feature protects individuals from electric shocks and burns.

  1. How do I reset tripped breakers?

Circuit breakers cut off electricity supply in case of a surge. It protects outlets and electric components from burning. Turn the breaker off and back on to reset it. Some circuit breakers will switch to neutral mode to cut off power. If the problem persists, call our industrial electric contractor for help.

  1. How can I restore electricity if it was off for a year?

Electric companies cannot turn your electricity back on if it has been off for a year. An industrial electrician has to come and inspect your electric setup to ensure it is safe. He will also make repairs and replace components necessary to prevent property damage once the power comes back on.

  1. How can I save energy in my business?

Switching to LED bulbs will help conserve electricity. In addition, an industrial electrician can install dimming switches in your premises. It allows you to turn down the intensity of the bulbs hence saving electricity.

  1. AFCI vs. conventional circuit breakers, which should I choose?

Conventional circuit breakers respond to short circuits and overloads alone. They do not protect against arcing conditions. AFCI circuit breakers detect overloads as well as arcing conditions. In addition, the AFCI circuit breakers continuously monitor electric circuits and prevent fire outbreaks.

  1. Why is there a humming noise in my electric panel?

A faulty circuit breaker could be producing the humming noise. In such cases, consider calling our industrial electrician to solve the problem and prevent fire outbreaks from a power surge.

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