Our Free Safety


Because safety comes first at Scott Electric, we perform a complimentary safety evaluation for industrial and commercial customers. First, our electrical inspectors assess your facility’s existing electrical system. Then, we offer useful and practical recommendations to ensure your system keeps working properly – and doesn’t violate any OSHA codes or requirements.

This preventative maintenance saves both time and money by correcting small problems before they become big expenses. And your adherence to OSHA standards means: a) you won’t be shut down by a safety audit and b) your employees are kept safe.

Whatever issues our electrical preventative maintenance service may uncover, you’ll rest easy knowing our top-notch team gets you back up to speed (and up to code) quickly and efficiently.

You can’t afford to skip preventative maintenance.

  • More than ⅔ of electrical system failures are preventable
  • Electrical equipment failure rate is 3x higher for components not part of a scheduled preventative maintenance program
  • With a planned EPM program, outages are scheduled when you choose (instead of expensive down-time to correct major problems from an untimely failure)
  • Recommended once every three years
  • Routine preventative electrical maintenance mitigates risk to your facility and your bottom line