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All welding processes are not equal. The varied types of equipment match the various modes of application. Welding is the perfect blend of art, science, and engineering. The necessary school certification will determine each welder’s specialized welding skill.  

What is welding?

This process joins two metals that have either the same materials or different ones such as steel, brass, aluminum, polymer, or plastic. A welder is equipment that releases molten metal or plastic to conjoin the pieces together. The primary energy sources of welding include laser, electron beams, ultrasound, friction, a gas flame, or an electric arc.

What are the various processes of welding?

Shield metal arc welding

This process has applicable benefits when welding steel and iron. The procedure involves the use of a consumable electrode to lay the weld using electric current. The weld sizing does not get further contamination from impunities and shielding gas. The primary tools needed for this process is an electrode, a work clamp, an electrode holder, and a sustainable power supply.

Metal inert gas welding

This welding process is excellent for conjoining aluminum or other non-ferrous materials like alloy. It is quicker than most other methods and produces very little waste. The consumable wire electrode and a shielding gas are necessary for the welding gun. Inert gas welding in Lewisville NC requires a constant power supply for steel and aluminum. The main tools needed for the procedure include an electrode wire, gas supply, and a wire feed unit.

Tungsten gas welding

This process is for joining reactive metals like magnesium and aluminum. This manually operated process joins lap joints, butt joints, a T-joint and a corner joint. The primary tools required a tungsten electrode and filler material to make an arc. Other materials viable for this welding procedure include stainless steel, brass, titanium, magnesium alloy, and copper.

Cored gas welding

The welding process involves heating and melting to join them together. The joining continuously feeds tubular electrode wires into the joining. The electric power allows the welding process to happen anywhere as long as there is a presence of electrical power. It works well with stainless steel and rusty metals.

Arc welding

This process requires the use of affordable tools and electric power. Resistance welding is slightly more expensive than other forms. It uses updated technology such as energy beams like a laser. The main benefit of this procedure is haste in work and clean results. Some welders automate the process of using robots to conduct large-scale jobs like an automobile assembly.  

Can you trust Colts Cooling with your welding needs?

A perfect welding job will incorporate the right tools and expertise. Our staff operates with absolute mastery of all welding tasks to give your project exquisite results. We work closely with the design team and the client’s administrating office to ensure that the outcome has the exact expectations.

Colts Cooling handles more than just welding in Lewisville NC. Our areas of service will give you peace of mind when you know that the same professional welding firm will also handle other parts of the project. The effect is a smoothly done job with an almost uniform theme of the performance.


Welding Lewisville NC

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Welding Lewisville NC

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