Luxury Patios


Luxury patios are on the rise. The traditional concrete patio is dead. With a growing number of options you can easily show off one of the most important parts of your yard.

Heart of the Yard

The great outdoors. Scents and well-crafted scenery help you unwind whether you work at home, in the city, or not at all. It feels great to let the stress of the day melt away with the sunset and a fine wine or craft beer.

As the place where you congregate in your yard, your patio lies at the heart of your outdoor panacea. It also serves as a gathering space.

You would not want to disappoint your guests. Lawn chairs in the grass are not the most ideal solution for your home.

Building the Perfect Patio

The perfect patio starts from the roof down. Your patio or deck plans are almost always a matter of choosing between a soft wood or long-lasting concrete. However, your patio cover is what everyone remembers.

You may remember the first time you saw a pergola. You remember family reunions and campsite picnic tables. What you likely remember is the structure.

Luxury patios come at a cost. Crafting your roof and supports is among the most important choices when building your ideal outdoor space.

Creating a Pergola

Among the most modern trends in patios is the pergola. Slots of wood or metal sit on top of posts of almost any size. The slits in the cover split the sun, creating a unique place to hold a family dinner.

There are many styles to fit your desires. Greco-Roman, post-modern, and traditional are all within range of most luxury budgets. If you have a vision, your local yard remodeling firm has the capability to build your dream.

The Problem with an Open Roof

As powerful as a custom pergola is, they have a major flaw. They let in the weather.

Unlike a gazebo or other solid roof, the elements pour in. A rainstorm can drench your decor, seating, tables, and grill. It is difficult to enjoy the outdoors after a spring snow or a hot summer day as well.

Solving the Problem with Struxure

There is a solution to the open roof. Companies such as Smart Patio Plus offer the Struxure Outdoor adjustable patio cover in Southern California.

Enjoy the views without being at the mercy of the weather. The patented system is simple to operate and the perfect way to take advantage of your patio in any weather.

Create a Custom Luxury Patio in Southern California

A luxury patio is more attainable than you think. From high-end vases to your pergola, you want the perfect outdoor living space. Frame your space whether next to the pool or on top of a mountain.

Smart Patio plus brings the knowledge and tools you need to continue using your space year round. Visit our website and browse our catalog of products. Get in touch with our remodeling experts afterwards and begin building your luxury outdoor patio.

Luxury Patios