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Gomez Electric is Affordable, Reliable, and Professional

For more than twenty years, the industry-leading Los Angeles electricians have worked at Gomez Electric. Gomez Electric is the name energy consumers have come to depend upon for fast, friendly, dependable, and quality round-the-clock electrical service. If you are looking for a Los Angeles electrician, contact Gomez Electric to discuss an affordable solution for you.

Gomez Electric is:

Affordable: Our Los Angeles electricians are the best in the industry, and our prices are very affordable. Other popular Los Angeles electricians charge as much as 300% (or higher) for the same electrical services we provide. However, our affordable prices are just one of many reasons why energy consumers turn to Gomez Electric when looking for a Los Angeles electrician.

Reliable: Our team is dependable for quality electrical service 24/7. Whether you need to replace old electrical wires, repair electrical equipment or appliances; whether you have a customizable request, need fire alarm service or installation, need energy consumption counseling. You can rely on Gomez Electric to do the job right the first time.

Professional: In addition to being the most affordable and reliable Los Angeles electricians, Gomez Electric is professional and licensed. In addition to superior electrical knowledge, all of our electricians have the highest level of interpersonal training. Before hiring, all employees undergo rigorous interviewing and application processes, and Gomez Electric only hires the best candidates. Our electricians are professional, courteous, and honest and know how to handle any customer issues.

Electric Panel Service and Upgrade

One of the most popular electrical service requests in Los Angeles is electrical panel maintenance. Warning! Never try to service your electrical panel by yourself! It can be extremely dangerous and or costly. Only a certified electrician should have access to your home or your establishment’s breaker box. Often, when electric panels are wired improperly, or when wires are old and need to be replaced, too much power flows through the wires and causes them to melt. This phenomenon leads to problems with your electric panel and can even create a deadly fire. Every time you add a new appliance to your home or establishment, you place more stress on your electric panel. Make sure your electric panel is up-to-date. To find out if your electric panel is safe or needs upgrading, contact Gomez Electric today.

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If you are in need of an affordable, reliable, honest, and professional Los Angeles electrician, contact Gomez Electric today. We’re here 24/7 to help.