At KC Coring & Cutting, we specialize in providing precision concrete drilling, sawing, and grinding. Our expert team possesses the needed tools and equipment to drill concrete to your specifications. Our Kansas City concrete drill services are well-detailed and carried out with a high level of professionalism. Whether you are handling large or small jobs in fine concrete drilling and cutting, we are the ideal contractor to get the job done.

What Is Concrete Drilling?

Concrete drilling generally refers to the process of drilling precise holes in concrete structures including floors, walls, ceilings, and other paved surfaces. This is normally achieved using drilling tools that comprise of a diamond cutting end attached to a steel tube. The entire process, when completed the right way, leaves a perfect hole with no form of damage or need for after care.

What Are the Applications of Concrete Drilling?

Concrete drilling services are in high demand because they provide ready solution for several construction problems. Concrete drilling is applicable across a range of fields including plumbing, electrical, drainage, manholes, HVAC, and structural testing. It is also applicable in runway and taxiway lighting, nuclear decommissioning, dowel drilling, and culverts.

How Long Does It Take to Drill A Hole In Concrete?

Knowing how hard concrete can be, you should understand that it will take a great deal of power to drill a hole in them. When you consider that all concretes are not the same, the time it will take to drill in different concrete will differ. The actual time it will take to drill through a particular concrete will depend on the thickness of the concrete, the size of the hole to drill, and the composition of the concrete being drilled. The tool or concrete drill being used can also influence the time it will take to drill. The most important thing is to get the optimal setting for the drill, bit, and medium, and drill patiently.

Can You Use A Regular Drill to Drill into Concrete?

It is ideal to use a hammer drill when drilling into concrete. It is possible to drill with a regular drill, but the result may not be what you hoped for it to be. Even when using a regular drill, it is important that you attach the right drill bit to the chuck. Only a good quality masonry bit will pierce concrete.

How Do You Drill into Concrete Slab?

To successfully drill into a concrete slab the following steps are important:

  • Get a good hammer drill
  • Insert a high-quality masonry drill bit
  • Set the depth
  • Mark the drilling point
  • Drill briefly with low speed
  • Confirm that the hole is in order and continue drilling with more power
  • Pull the drill out periodically and blow out dust

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