Electrical Maintenance Grand Prairie
Rest easy knowing your electrical system is safe and up to code when you hire Scott Electric for electrical maintenance in Grande Prairie. Our certified electricians can come out annually or at prescribed intervals to inspect and maintain your commercial electrical system. Hire the best and expect great results. Electrical Maintenance Grand Prairie

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Dayton Utility Rebates



2108 W. 98th Street

Learn about available Dayton utility rebates available when you partner with Energy Optimizers, USA to create an energy efficient building that not only saves energy but saves the planet, as well. Our knowledgeable technicians can answer all of your questions and help you find out about rebates in your area. Energent

Solar Companies Fresno


Pacific Solar

228 N. Fairfax Ave

While there is no shortage of solar companies in Fresno, there are a handful of companies that are a bit more committed to your success. Pacific Solar has earned a reputation throughout Fresno as a business that cares about the success of our clients. If you're interested in saving money by going solar, give us a call.

Smoke Detector Install


It is critical for homeowners to understand the many functions of smoke detector installation. There are detectors that are powered by nine-volt batteries or lithium batteries in some cases. Others are hard-wired using 120 volts of electricity. Other features of this device include the ability to safeguard the safety of inhabitants even in the middle of the night. Smoke detectors with strobe lights are better for people who have hearing problems. There are other types that are linked into other systems, such as bed shakers, to alert individuals while they are sleeping. Smokeelectrician.com.au