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One of the keys to success for any electrical contractor is bidding. Every project involves a variety of costs for each procedure, and accurately determining the cost of each is vital. If you exceed the estimate, you will lose the contract. On the other hand, if you estimate too low, you will lose money. The wisest thing to do is to acquire top electrical estimating software that will allow you to make accurate and quick calculations.

In the market, you will find a variety of electrical estimating apps. Among all the alternatives, the best option is our Best Bid Hybrid Pro. It is essential that you know why our state-of-the-art solution exceeds expectations over other popular electrical bid software solutions.

Why Buy Best Bid Hybrid Pro?

For Electricians Only

Best Bid Hybrid Pro is the leading software for electrical estimators and bids because it is a tool exclusively for electricians. It was developed by electricians, with the specific needs of the industry in mind. Other solutions such as Turbobid, Esticom, or STACK are for different types of contractors. As a result, they miss many specific aspects of the electrical sector, which complicates the quotation process.

One Tool for All

Whether your project is small or large, residential, commercial or industrial, low or high voltage, Best Bid Hybrid Pro will get you covered. There are some solutions on the market that, while only for electricians, are limited. For example, Houzz Pro is specifically for residential contractors. Another good example is McCormick, as it is designed for large projects only. In contrast, by purchasing Best Bid Hybrid Pro you will be able to estimate any size and type of project with ease.

Easy to Install & Use

We're electricians, not tech geeks. That's why we designed a tool that's easy to install and use. Other solutions like Turbobid have a slow learning curve, which instead of speeding up your work will slow it down. Others like McCormick are difficult to install. With Best Bid Hybrid Pro you will not have to deal with the tedious bugs that occur every time you update McCormick.

On-Screen Takeoff

Best Bid Hybrid Pro is the only software that has the takeoff function built into the software, and available on-screen. With other options like McCormick, you will have to use third-party software to carry out this task. In contrast, by purchasing our top-of-the-line tool you will not have to leave the screen to make the necessary changes to refine your bid.

One Price One Time

When you buy Best Bid Hybrid Pro you will make a one-time payment for life, and that's it. The other options on the market like Turbobid have a variety of hidden costs. These include tech support fees, extra license fees, or yearly fees. By purchasing our tool, however, you will forget about paying again, and you will be able to enjoy your upgraded and running bidder for as long as you want.

Get the Greatest Electrical Bid Software

It's time to boost your electrical contracting business with the best bid software, and your best choice is Best Bid Hybrid Pro. At Best Bid, our goal is to make it easy for you to get accurate, fast, and easy estimates. Buy the best bid solution, at the best price in the market. Download your free trial or contact BestBid to explore the best electrical estimating software on the market now.