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Whether or not you choose to hire a professional, you may have some questions about the electrical system of your home. Some products are better than others and some wires would be better in certain circumstances. Just like with any other work in your house, it is safer to hire a professional that specializes in electric service in Grande Prairie.

What is a Service Wire?

A service wire, also known as a service drop, is the overhead line that extends from your home to the nearby utility pole. This is the point that connects you to your service provider’s central hub so that you can receive power.

A waterhead may be used with this service wire to prevent water damage. The wire will then go through a conduit and into the smart meter so the electric company or municipality may keep tabs on your usage.

The service panel that connects the service wire will have the main circuit breaker that controls the entire current. From this breaker, it will extend to the outlets, lights or utilities in your home.

Why is a Wire Gauge Important?

Circuit breakers are typically the first line of defense against wires from being overloaded. Unfortunately, it isn’t enough so making sure that you have a high-capacity wire gauge for your wire is important to prevent overloading.

Those thin and cheap extension cords are a leading cause for shortages and other accidents in the electrical grid. This is usually because it is a high gauge wire that is overloaded or overused within one outlet.

For example, if you plug your clothes dryer into a 16-gauge extension cord, you can bet that it can cause appliance damage or even a fire. It would be better to have it plugged directly to the outlet or using a heavy-duty extension cable.

For example, small appliances or lamps, a thin 18-gauge wire is sufficient. At this gauge, it is rated at a mere 10 amps. If you need help figuring out which wiring is best, contact an expert in electric service in Grande Prairie.

Which cable is best for house wiring?

For a typical home, use single-strand stiff wire at 1-square mm is suitable for 5-amp power points and 2.5-square mm for 16-amp points. The 16-amp power points are for high-energy appliances like washing machines or air conditioners. If you have an earth wire, something like a single core copper stiff insulated wire would do just fine.

Assuming its for residential purposes, Anchor’s Penta switches should be suitable. They are affordable, reliable and long-lasting for the price. If the price isn’t a dealbreaker, you can go with Anchor’s Roma line of switches. Both of these switches are manufactured by Panasonic.

Of course, you will want to make sure that your switch has the set of features that you need. This may include waterproof switches, IoT connected switches, or screwless terminals.

Our experts at Gray Electric will know exactly what kind of parts your house needs. Feel free to give us a call at 780.296.527 for a consultation.

electric service Grande Prairie